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Largest Tree in Utah, Volunteer Research Climb

April 13, 2018 | Posted by: AtlasTreeService | Category: projects

On National Arbor Day 2016 the climbing team at Atlas volunteered to climb and inspect Utah's biggest tree. The champion tree is a Fremont cottonwood located in Castle Valley, Southern Utah. In the fall of 2015 Atlas sales manager Mike Lopez and Atlas founder Johnny Atkin identified, measured and nominated the tree as a champion. After they conformed the tree as the largest tree in Utah the Atlas team contacted the local paper, The Times Independent, to notify them of the good news. The paper wrote a full story about the tree which can be found here.  Fox 13 also ran a story on the tree which can be found here.

After coordinating with the Mayor and townspeople of Castle Valley the Atlas Team climbed and inspected the wise old tree. After a thorough research climb they discovered the tree to be in excellent shape: good vascular pressure, very little decay, viable structure and solid interior hardwood. This tree is easily 130 years old and likely a lot older. We predict it could still have another 100 years left if the conditions remain opportune.