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Insect Advisory

March 10, 2018 | Posted by: AtlasTreeService | Category: news

With our mild winter and moderate temperatures we can expect to see a dramatic increase in insect activity in our trees and shrubs.  

In Utah freezing temperatures are an insect’s natural predator.  So when we have a particularly warm winter season it becomes increasingly important to proactively protect our trees and shrubs from the onslaught of Aphids, Scale, Adelgids and Leaf Miners that are sure to invade our landscapes this spring.

Winter Dormant Oil is a great start to the growing season.

Dormant Oil Work as Insect Control. The primary way Dormant Oill kills insects is by suffocating them. The oil blocks the spiracles through which insects breathe. Dormant Oil also disrupts the metabolism of insect eggs and the ability of some insects to feed, causing them to starve to death.

Don’t wait until the damage is already done. 

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