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Atlas Tree Service has roots that go all the way back to the Utah Pioneers. Atlas founder ISA Certified Arborist/ISA Certified Tree Climber Johnny Atkin was born and raised here in this beautiful state, and his family has resided here since 1847.

This is a 100% local company. Atlas was started in Sandy City in 2004, and with its honest advice and high quality work, it has grown a into a state wide company.

Every large tree has had some help along the way, and Atlas is no different. Atlas has had expert help from talented people such as it’s current sales manager ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Utah Chapter President Mike Lopez. Of course plant health care expert (on staff) ISA Certified Arborist Mitch Jones has also been a boost in company knowledge and ability.

The biggest help however has been the ISA Utah Chapter. This organization, of which Johnny is currently serving his second term as a Board Member, has been the coach, the instructor, the safety team, and so much more. To learn more about the local chapter visit their website: www.utahcommunityforest.org.

Atlas has grown it’s roots throughout the entire state. We now service from Moab to St. George, all the way up to Park City, and everything in between. In 2015 Atlas was the first tree care company in Utah to purchase a 30 ton crane. Atlas just built a state of the art base yard/building in SLC to house its rapid growth and high demand.

Like a tree, we are always growing and changing with the environment. We plan on being part of this environment for many decades to come. What does the future hold for Atlas Tree Service? Only time will tell. However for you it seems your future holds some expert knowledge and high quality tree work from us.

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